Shared commercial space, retail roommates, small business incubator, or just flat out awesome...
call it what you will, but we want you and your ideas to fill it! 

The Myriad is a beautiful, 4,000+ sq/ft market hall space, located on the corner of Market and 15th Streets .

It is the newest and most idiosyncratic—Yeah, that’s right! Idiosyncratic!— marketplace to hit our lovely city. 

We want you! Yup, you! With your small business, retail, food, t-shirt, or organic

nail polish idea you've been brewing for years. 

This is your chance! 

Send the 411 to It should include the following, and 

probably some sprinkles of your awesomeness as well:

What do you want to do within The Myriad? 

Example: Organic Vegan Gluten-Free Dog Biscuits.

Tell us a little more about your amazing idea. 

This is your dream, let’s hear it.

How much space is ideal, kinda good, and really needed? 

Example: 1,000 sq/ft is ideal, 750 sq/ft is kinda good, 600 sq/ft is a must.

Tell us why we should choose you? 

Samples wouldn’t hurt... Hint, hint!

What would you need from us? 

Power? Water? Dish area? Mop Sink? Breakfast in bed?

A funny story, a poem or maybe a riddle. Surprise us!

This is the “awesomeness” part.

We’ll see you at the open house on May 8th!

And for those of you, who just want to see something awesome in the neighborhood, 

let us know! Email us above with your ideas of what you think should be in the 

space! We will listen, because you are going to be our customers! Duh.

Get to it! Now is your chance! Stop thinking, “I really should,” and DO! Email us 

over your info sooner, rather than later. But really no later than May 1st. For you 

procrastinators, this thing is due April 15th , along with something else not as fun!!