• Location :Dubai International Academic City (DIAC)
  • Built-up Area :68,000 sqm*
  • Number of Rooms :1,820*
  • Building Height :B + G + 5
  • Completion :2020
  • *approximate figures


The Myriad Dubai is a fully-integrated, urban-styled student living community, located in the heart of Dubai International Academic City. The property is designed to cater to the wants and needs of the modern student, taking into account vital factors such as safety, security, comfort and convenience. Residents of The Myriad will be able to make the most of a number of exclusive facilities and features intended to enhance their experience as a student in Dubai.


The community offers three room types, as well as accessible rooms for people of determination to accommodate up to 2,200 residents. Single rooms are offered to those who prefer their privacy. The Myriad Dubai also provides double rooms for students who prefer the company of a roommate. The third room type offered is a single-occupancy studio room for those seeking more space and additional amenities, such as a sofa, TV and coffee table.

Each of the spaces under the three room types offered at The Myriad Dubai are fully furnished with en-suite bathrooms. Each room includes a bed, built-in storage units, study desk, fridge, curtains, Wi-Fi and utilities. Additionally, the residential floors are exclusively accessible only to students living at The Myriad Dubai and the property is gender segregated to ensure the comfort of both male and female residents. Common areas and certain facilities and amenities, however, will not be gender segregated so that residents can socialise or study with whoever they choose.


In addition to the dynamic student living spaces, what truly sets The Myriad Dubai apart from alternative options available in the city are the plethora of features, amenities and activities offered within the community.
Residents can take advantage of convenient on-site facilities and services, designed to enhance humble day-to-day tasks. The first of such are the kitchen lounges, located on each residential floor, featuring a central island with several cooking stations, seating around the room and a television screen. These areas are designed to transform cooking into a fun social activity that can be shared amongst friends. Alternatively, residents can choose to dine at one of the various restaurants and cafes available at The Myriad Dubai or at MyBistro, a catered buffet service offering multiple cuisine choices. Community members will also have access to 24-hour laundry rooms and a number of retail outlets, including banking services, apparel, salons and more.


Health is vital for young adults, which is why The Myriad Dubai offers an array of sporting facilities for residents to keep fit. Residents can benefit from the indoor fitness centre, outdoor calisthenics gym, jogging track, basketball court and two separate rooftop pools, one female only and the other male only.


The Myriad Dubai also provides a multitude of leisure and entertainment facilities and activities. Each building has an activity room equipped with two screens, one for gaming consoles and another for watching movies and series. Additionally, these rooms will have varying games such as table tennis, pool or foosball, as well as comfortable seating and a kitchenette, where residents can warm up food or make hot drinks. Community members can also make the most of rooftop terraces and landscaped courtyards to socialise in the outdoors. The amphitheatre is another dynamic outdoor feature where residents will be able to enjoy anything from congregating with friends to movie nights, performances and events.


Being a community dedicated to students, The Myriad Dubai has implemented a diverse offering of areas where residents can go to study. Whether it be individual study, group study or silent sessions, there are spaces to accommodate all of the residents’ academic needs. Each of the seven buildings has its own study room with different seating arrangements to facilitate different study methods. Students may also choose to study in the bustling lounge, the outdoor courtyards, cafes or in their own rooms. In order to further support the residents’ academics, The Myriad Dubai offers job opportunities such as, part time jobs, internships, full time jobs, event roles and much more.


Project Location

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