History of Student Housing

Student housing is commonly referred to as dorms (from the Latin word dormitorium) in the US and halls in the UK. The oldest of such accommodations date back to the mid-1700s. Early dorms were imposing, monastic structures meant to separate students from the outside world, providing more privacy for classes and introspection; this concept lasted for decades.

Student housing has come a long way from that and today students expect a friendly, social, modern, comfortable and interactive living environment.

Most colleges and universities provide single or multiple occupancy rooms for their students, usually at a cost. These buildings consist of various room types and numbers. Gender segregated dorms are most commonly found and are usually situated much closer to campus than comparable private housing. This nearness plays a key role in the choice of where students prefer to live.

Off-Campus Residences

Sometimes dorms that are situated away from the university campus may present additional facilities to give them an added convenience.