Our Philosophy

Home away from home – where opportunities and experiences are created.

At The Myriad, we understand that living away from home can be challenging, which is why our aim is to provide students with an array of benefits and key necessities for a rewarding and comfortable lifestyle, both academically and socially. Our vision is to be recognized globally as the leading student housing brand driven by our performance and commitment to our values.

Value for Money
Convenience and Accessibility
Safety and Security


The Myriad is a dedicated student-housing property operator. The firm and its management team set operational standards to ensure best in class assets and services. The Myriad brand endeavors to incorporate comfort and safety in a modern and ethical living atmosphere dedicated for students and trainees. Furthermore, by engaging specialist consultants with local knowledge, the firm ensures and facilitates the cultural needs of its tenants and surroundings.

History of Student Housing

Student housing is commonly referred to as dorms (from the Latin word dormitorium) in the US and halls in the UK. The oldest of such accommodations date back to the mid-1700s.